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Payments And Invoicing Functions

Take Payments, Invoice and Sell Products

Take Payments

Take Payments Via Text And Website

Connectionably's Stripe and Paypal integrations allow users to take payments from their customers via text to pay and online.

Create digital products and subscriptions.

Sell a service or even physical products.

Add pre payments to appointment bookings.

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Create Invoices Through Connectionably

Create invoices for your products and services.

Send them direct to customers phones via text to pay for immediate payment.

Discount Codes

Create Coupons To Offer Discounts

Design and create discount coupons

Choose from different discount types - percentage or fixed amount.

Set coupon life duration and start date.

Limit the number of times a coupon can be used and limit what products or services to apply it to.

Send coupons in offers and emails.

Connectionably in Action

Everything on this website is controlled by the Connectionably platform.

If you fill in a form, use the chat widget, book a call or anything else, then all the resulting actions are automated through Connectionably.

Text messages, emails, appointment reminders, chat replies and virtually every other interaction go through connectionably's automated workflows before transferring to a member of the team.

If you book a call, the appointment setting in the calendar is automated. The booking confirmation response you get is automated. The email and text message appointment reminders are automated as are the follow up messages. These are only a small part of Connectionably's capabilities.

Far from providing a sanitised robotic experience, Connectionably's interface can be programmed with your own messaging and interactive responses to be combined with it's AI functionality.

Give your leads, customers and website visitors a great brand experience and increase your customer value and aquisition while streamling your business operations.

Discover Marketing, communication And Customer Management Automation

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