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Automate Your Email, Social And SMS Marketing

A Single Platform To Cover All Your Direct Marketing Requirements


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Email marketing is very effective when coupled to a CRM of contacts that are already aware of your brand

Monetise Your Contacts With Email Marketing

Automated Email Marketing Campaigns

Pre made or build your own email marketing campaigns.

Automatically send bulk email marketing campaigns to contacts within your CRM.

Target contacts by tags, customer type and many other filters.

Use pre made email templates for higher open rates.

Sure, there are other apps out there that provide email marketing BUT, not with the single platform funtionality that Connectionably provides.

Schedule Posts To Multiple Platforms From One place

Automated Social Media Posting

Post to multiple social media platforms from inside Connectionably's app.

Continue posting even when you are on holiday by pre loading your posts and scheduling their upload to your chosen platforms

SMS messaging has the highest open rate of any digital direct marketing channel


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Consent Approved SMS Marketing Automation

Send Bulk SMS Messaging Campaigns

Send bulk SMS marketing through Connectionably's app.

Connectionably integrates with Twillio to provide consent approved SMS messaging campaigns to your CRM contacts

Paid Ads Reporting

View Easy To Read Paid Ads Reporting

Connect your Facebook, Google and Tik Tok ads accounts to view live reports on your ad performance

Configure your reports to show TRUE ROI by updating customer actions - purchases, appointments etc in conjunction with funnels and appointments

Discover Marketing, communication And Customer Management Automation

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