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Connectionably's CRM

Manage, Contact and Market To Customers And Leads With Connectionably's CRM

Discover how Connectionably's CRM can streamline your customer and lead interaction and management

Import Existing Contacts

Import Contacts From Other Platforms

Reduce your costs and need to log in to multiple platforms.

Build a centralised CRM by importing all your existing contacts from your other platforms.

Drive all your lead capture data from multiple platforms to one CRM with Connectionably's lead generation tools.

Connect with all your contacts through multiple channels from one location.

Filter And Manage Contacts

Automatically Apply Tag's And Filter Contacts

Automatically apply tag's to contacts depending on where they originated, their business sector or any other criteria you create.

Filter contacts throught tag selection and add them to campaigns and pipelines.

Use Smart Lists to segment and manage your contacts.

Create Visual Pipelines

Add Pipelines and Monitor A Contact's Journey

Create custom drag and drop pipelines that allow you to visually monitor and update your lead and customer journey within your business.

Pre made pipelines and workflows supply proven strategies for marketing and customer and lead progression.

Connect your pipeline to workflows to automatically manage, communicate and market to your leads and customers

Manage Contacts

Manage Your CRM Contacts

Choose a team member to manage a contact and assign them in the CRM.

Control your teams visibilty between each others assigned contacts and their conversations and actions.

Add tasks to contact details and assign tasks to team members with auto notifications of pending and new tasks.

Discover Marketing, communication And Customer Management Automation

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